Rinku: Finding a Place to Feel Loved

10-year-old Rinku loved going to her Children’s Bible Club because it was the only place where she felt loved and accepted.

Rinku doesn’t remember her father—he died when she was just two months old. Rinku’s mother blamed her husband’s death on her baby, believing that Rinku was a bad omen and had brought bad luck to the family. Rinku’s mother continued to blame Rinku for the death of her husband and reminded Rinku of it every day. Morning and night, Rinku heard her mother curse and accuse her, making her feel guilty all over again for her father’s death. Rinku felt hopeless and sad.

Then, Rinku began attending a Children’s Bible Club where she enjoyed stories, songs, and games. When she heard about Jesus’ love and sacrifice, Rinku received Him as her Savior and discovered a deep joy and peace she’d never had before. Rinku began to pray to God daily, especially for her relationship with her mother.

But when Rinku’s mother saw her at the Bible Club, she was so furious that she didn’t allow Rinku into the house that night. Rinku was scared, but she prayed for God’s help, care, and protection. Despite it being dark and scary outside, Rinku slept peacefully near the door.

The next day, when Rinku’s mother opened the door, she saw Rinku sleeping on the floor without any blanket. She felt bad about leaving Rinku out in the cold, and her heart began to soften towards her daughter. Rinku’s mom stopped cursing and accusing her.

Rinku feels very happy seeing her mother’s changed attitude, something she had been longing for all her life. Rinku asks that you join her in prayer for the salvation of her two siblings and mother.