Reena: Returning to the Gospel Message

Any free time Reena had was spent performing rigorous rituals and praying to her gods, in hopes that they’d help her three children succeed. But most of the time, Reena was busy cooking, cleaning, and running errands while her husband, Chahel, worked hard for minimal income.

After finishing her chores one day, Reena was waiting for Chahel to come home when Church Planter Odathi came to visit. She shared the Gospel and gave Reena Christian literature—but Reena was uninterested. She took the literature but tucked it away somewhere in her home.

Life went on restlessly and income struggles became the least of the family’s problems. Reena suddenly became affected by evil spirits. She would be able to remain calm for a while but would suddenly be overcome and scream uncontrollably. Chahel was so concerned that he stopped going to work to take care of Reena and look after their children.

No matter what he tried, Chahel couldn’t find a cure for his wife. No medical doctor knew what to do, so he went to a witch doctor who told him to offer a goat as a sacrifice. He followed the instructions, but Reena’s condition remained.

During the times when she was calm, Reena worried about what was wrong with her. Then, something came to mind. Reena recalled her conversation with Odathi four months ago and the Christian literature she had been given. She scrounged through her belongings and finally found the readings on a shelf—with a pastor’s phone number written on it. Reena and Chahel called the number right away, and the pastor was able to direct them to Odathi’s nearby prayer group.

That very evening, Reena and Chahel poured out their frustrations to Odathi, finally interested in what she had to say. With open hearts, they listened to her share from Scripture and allowed her to pray for them.

The couple began attending Odathi’s prayer group regularly, and Reena finally read through the Christian literature Odathi had given her. She learned to depend on Jesus instead of the gods she used to pray to.

With time, Reena was delivered from evil spirits, and she and Chahel received Jesus as their Savior! As they prepare to be baptized, will you pray for their spiritual growth?