Raksha: A Daughter’s Prayers for Healing

For six long years, Raksha’s dad had been suffering from severe sinus problems. Among the struggles this caused, he dealt with headaches and even struggled to breathe sometimes.

Raksha and her family offered sacrifices to their goddesses, sought help from witch doctors, and visited medical doctors, but his condition continued. Raksha’s mom gave up all hope of finding a cure for her husband.

Throughout this time, 13-year-old Raksha worshipped her gods and goddesses as she was taught. She performed all of the rituals she was told would please them. However, she never understood why she and her family had to do all of this—it seemed that their gods and goddesses never responded to their prayers.

One day, a local pastor visited Raksha’s house. He shared the Gospel and prayed for Raksha’s dad to be healed, spreading the love of Christ to this family. Then, he told Raksha’s parents about a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club running nearby and encouraged them to enroll their daughter.

Raksha was a studious girl, so when her parents heard that she could receive free tutoring at the Bible Club, they knew it would be a good fit for her.

A few days later, Raksha arrived for her first day at the Bible Club. The leader, Nouri, began with prayer. He then had all of the boys and girls take out their homework and helped each of them. Next, the children memorized Scripture, sang action songs, and listened to Nouri share stories from the Bible.

Between all of these activities and time spent playing games, Raksha was greatly motivated by the Bible Club. She continued to attend each day after school. As Nouri shared more from the Word of God, Raksha learned that Jesus loves children, listens to prayers, and heals the sick. These lessons were eye-opening to Raksha, who began to pray to Jesus for her dad’s healing.

Raksha decided to tell Nouri about her dad’s sickness, and he encouraged the other children at the Bible Club to join her in prayer. As days passed by, Raksha’s dad finally began to improve! After six years of illness, his sinus problems gradually reduced. Raksha praises God for this!

After many years of doubting her family’s gods, Raksha now trusts in Jesus. Will you pray for her parents’ salvation and for her future, as she hopes to become a teacher one day?