Rachel sells cookies to tell kids in India about Jesus!

Rachel is an 11-year-old girl with a huge heart for lost kids in India.

Rachel says, “Hello. This summer I raised $33 from selling cookies and bracelets. I really enjoyed it!”

For the past three years, whenever her mom was planning a garage sale, Rachel would start planning what she could sell to raise money for Mission India—like baked goods or crafts.

Rachel has a special heart for Children’s Bible Clubs.

“I like the Children’s Bible Clubs because you can send 1 kid to a Club for $1,” says Rachel. “After watching the Raysumi video, I learned that kids work a lot and that they get a break to go to Bible Club.”

I praise God for Rachel’s heart to reach kids growing up in India with the Gospel message. Without her help, these kids may never have had the chance to hear about Jesus!

I loved seeing Rachel’s story and celebrating with her! I’m so encouraged to see young people inspired to reach the unreached. And it’s beautiful to see children reaching children with the Good News, isn’t it?

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