Q & A With Todd VanEk

We welcomed Todd VanEk to the Mission India family this fall … and we’re thrilled to have him on board as our new President! Get to know Todd a little better through these Q and As:

Q: What is your most vivid memory of your first visit to India?
A: My most vivid memory would be of visiting a Children’s Bible Club and sharing that my son was very ill. The Club leader asked if anyone would pray for my son. This little girl who was about 8 jumped to her feet and prayed with such a power and authority that I was stunned.

Q: Can you introduce yourself in seven words or less?
A:Todd VanEk, a child of the King!

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you feel Mission India faces, and how do you inspire your team and supporters to meet it head on?
A:m I think the biggest challenge we are facing is keeping up with the Indian Church. We currently have many people on a two-year waiting list–waiting to be trained to plant churches, lead Children’s Bible Clubs, and teach Adult Literacy Classes. In addition, persecution of our ministry partners is intensifying in India and we need to strategically think about increasing prayer support to counter this reality.

Q: What is one of your hobbies?
A: I love to snow ski! I make a trip to Colorado every year to ski the mountains.

Q: What are a few of your priorities as you transition into your new role?
A: My key priorities are to build trust through intentional relationship building with the national/international staff, board members, and donors. I will also be working in collaboration with Dave Stravers (now CEO of Mission India) in accomplishing the transition plan goals and becoming familiar with the ministry culture of Mission India. Lastly, forming a presidential prayer team to ensure that God’s vision and wisdom continue to lead Mission India.


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