Prisha: Mom Brings Family Out of Poverty

Growing up, Prisha’s family thought that educating a daughter was a waste of the little money they had. Instead of going to school, Prisha worked to provide extra income for her family.

When she was older, Prisha was married off and had two children of her own. She and her husband struggled to meet their family’s needs; Prisha worked to contribute to their income, but she still had to borrow money when unexpected emergencies came up or her children were sick.

She ran from one temple to another asking her gods to bring her out of poverty, but the idols never answered her prayers and Prisha started losing hope.

Just when she was wishing for someone to come to her rescue, Prisha met an Adult Literacy Class teacher who, seeing Prisha’s sadness, invited her to enroll in the class you helped provide.

Prisha joined the class the very next day. At first she was shy, but with encouragement, she gradually learned to read, write, and do simple math.

Through special training offered by the Literacy Class, Prisha learned how to make products like detergent powder, candles, and liquid soap. She was so joyful when she started to sell the products for profit! Newly able to save money, Prisha took steps toward bringing her family financial stability. With money set aside, she would no longer have to worry about payments if one of her children fell sick.

One day during her class, Prisha learned about the love of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. By the end of the class, Prisha received Jesus as her Savior!

Now, she attends a worshipping group regularly and prays. Prisha believes that one day her family will come to the saving knowledge of Christ and looks forward to the day when they will serve Him together.

You have been a blessing to Prisha! Thank you for providing the means for her to learn to read and move her family out of poverty.