Prayer changes lives. Will you join us?

Reach India's next generation!

Mission India is laser-focused on planting churches in India, and the next generation is paving the way.

We don't send missionaries, but instead equip indigenous Indian Christians to lead Children’s Bible Clubs. Children throughout India are hearing the Gospel this way—many for the first time!

As children attend, their behavior noticeably changes. Troublemakers suddenly set good examples at school. Students with failing grades finally pass their exams. Their parents see the difference, and are curious to know the reason.

The Bible Club leaders meet and pray for children’s families, and as children tell their parents the Bible stories they’ve heard, parents receive Christ as their Savior alongside their children!

Through prayer, you will make an impact in a nation that is dramatically unreached by the Gospel. Will you join us?

I want to join with you and pray for India!

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