Pramila: A Miraculous Healing

Pramila’s life was utter misery.

Her legs had suddenly and mysteriously become painful—too painful to allow her to walk or even stand. To get anywhere, Pramila had to drag herself along on the ground or rely on others to carry her. Pramila’s parents were worried about their only daughter; it had been many months now since she had been able to stand.

Pramila’s parents consulted witch doctors, who performed rituals involving animal sacrifice. Pramila’s parents hoped this would appease the spirits they thought had afflicted their daughter. However, Pramila’s health didn’t improve.

At this time, Pramila’s parents heard about a Church Planter named Jitender who prayed for people to be healed. They were willing to try anything that might help their daughter. They found Jitender, shared about her condition, and pleaded with him to pray for Pramila’s healing.

Jitender visited their home right away, and he prayed for Pramila’s healing in the name of Jesus.

Miraculously, the pain Pramila had experienced for so long disappeared in a matter of seconds! After a while, she was able to get to her feet without any help. In the following weeks, she regained her strength and her condition improved dramatically.

Meanwhile, Jitender continued to visit Pramila and her family. He eventually shared the Gospel with them. Pramila was deeply touched by God’s grace and mercy; she received Jesus as her Savior and was baptized. Pramila now faithfully attends a worshipping group every week to learn more about Jesus, and she is growing in her relationship with God.

Pramila’s parents continue to rely on animal sacrifices and rituals, as they have done all of their lives. Pramila regularly prays for her parents’ salvation and looks forward to the day when they can all worship the true God together.

Join Pramila in prayer that her parents realize their need for Jesus and receive Him as their Savior.