Plight of Women: Vanita’s Story



I have an amazing story to share with you today about a brave little girl named Vanita. Her dad beat her just because she mentioned the name of Jesus. But I’m so glad we serve a God who can turn horrible situations into miracles. I know your heart will be encouraged by what the Lord did through Vanita’s story!

Vanita’s dad was a drunk. He spent so much on alcohol that eventually he couldn’t pay Vanita’s school fees.

Vanita was forced to drop out of school. She stayed home and helped her mom with household chores. One day, as she was washing clothes outside, Vanita met a Children’s Bible Club leader. Vanita begged her mom to let her attend … and she got permission!

Vanita finished all her chores early and ran to the Bible Club. She loved doing the motions to the songs, hearing stories, and playing games.

Vanita told her parents about the fun she had at the Bible Club. But when she mentioned Jesus, her dad got very angry. He slapped her face … and then beat her so badly she was covered in bruises. He warned Vanita never to attend the Bible Club again.

Vanita was heartbroken. But she and her mother prayed. They asked Jesus to transform Vanita’s father. And, miraculously, Vanita’s dad gave up alcohol.

Vanita is back in school now. And she and her whole family received Jesus as their Savior! Praise the Lord!

Now that you’ve read Vanita’s story, I hope you’ll share it with a friend or family member. International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is just around the corner in November. It’s important to remember that it’s not just adults suffering for their faith — it’s children like Vanita, too. I hope you will join me in spreading the word that these little ones need our prayers!