Pray for the Persecuted in India

Pray for the Church in India.

Can you imagine growing up without knowing a single Christian? Or not being able to read the Bible because your parents couldn’t afford to provide you with an education?

This is reality for millions of people in India. In fact, 335 million Indians are from a people group that is 0% Christian (Joshua Project, 2015).

Meanwhile, those who do know Christ and faithfully follow him are risking life as they know it—and some are risking life itself. In 2017, Open Doors USA ranked India 15th on its World Watch List, which ranks countries where Christians experience the most severe persecution. This moves India to its highest rank yet, up from 17th in 2016, and a big jump from 31st in 2013.

Many of our friends in India have been severely persecuted for their faith. They've been chased out of their homes, cut off from their families, and even killed. These stories break our hearts, especially when we think of the magnitude of the problem: over 60% of Christians in India experience direct persecution (Open Doors USA).

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Pray for the Persecuted in India

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One-third of the unreached people groups of the world are in one country: India