Peek Inside A Bible Club!

Are you ready to peek inside a Children’s Bible Club I visited?

Here is a photo I took outside of the kids’ village – a remote area filled with very poor families.


These kids have so little (in material possessions).

In America, we tend to buy into the idea that having more things will make us happy. Boy, is that ever a lie! These kids are living proof … they are growing up with so little “stuff” to call their own, but at Children’s Bible Clubs, they are joyfully discovering that they are created in the image of God. These precious little ones are learning they are loved by Jesus, no matter their caste or gender. And many of these kids are hearing the Gospel for the very first time.

Watching these kids sing in their Children’s Bible Club, it was plain to see that they have so much joy!

Have you ever given to the Children’s Bible Clubs ministry? Thank you for spreading the joy of Jesus in communities like this one! I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact these Bible Clubs have on boys and girls.

And you know what? With all these smiles, it sure was hard for me to say goodbye!

By the way, I post the newest stories of kids like these regularly on Mission India’s Facebook pageGod is the true author behind these amazing stories, and, as the staff writer at Mission India, I’m just thrilled that I get to retell these stories and share them with you!  🙂

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