Pawan: A Boy Growing Up India

India is home to billions of people, including 12-year-old Pawan and his family. Christians are a tiny minority, so many people in India have never met a Christian or heard the Gospel. Despite rising opposition and anti-conversion laws, our ministry partners continue to do outreach in this state located in west India.

Pawan shares a tiny mud hut … with his mom, dad, and five siblings.

Pawan had trouble understanding his lessons at school, so he didn’t do his homework. And he often skipped classes. Instead, Pawan played in the mud with his friends. He picked up bad language and got into fights with other kids in the neighborhood.

Things began to change when Pawan joined a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. He loved the songs, games, and Bible stories. Pawan’s Club leader even tutored him in school subjects he had trouble understanding. Pawan memorized many Bible verses and stopped worshipping idols. Soon, Pawan received Jesus as his Savior.

And the change in Pawan was almost magical.

He regularly attended school, stopped using bad language, is obedient, and doesn’t fight—even when provoked. Everyone is astonished by this new Pawan!

Pray that Pawan’s living testimony leads his whole family to Christ.