Paramjeet: Seeking Escape from Prostitution

Paramjeet was just 14 when her Hindu parents married her off to a man three times her age—unaware that he was involved in human trafficking.

The man moved out of state with her, turning Paramjeet’s life upside down. She had never stepped outside her village before, didn’t know her new state’s language, and was illiterate to begin with, since her parents thought educating a girl was a waste of time.

While Paramjeet was trying to adjust, her husband was making a deal to sell her into prostitution. He sold her off for 55,000 rupees—about $742. Paramjeet never saw her husband again.

Life became miserable. If Paramjeet didn’t earn enough money or do what she was told at the brothel, she was beaten.

A few years went by like this, until Paramjeet met Gopesh. They fell in love, were married, and were blessed with a son a few years later—but the joy didn’t last.

Gopesh began to pressure Paramjeet to take up prostitution again to provide for the family. She resisted at first, but Gopesh beat Paramjeet and stopped supporting his family—leaving Paramjeet to provide for their son alone. She didn’t know what else to do, so she gave in to her husband’s demands.

Eventually, Paramjeet developed health problems through being a prostitute.

But God was at work. A woman named Naisha heard about the brothel house and arranged a medical training for the women there.

Paramjeet attended and learned about the precautions she needed to take for her health. She also received free supplements that boosted her immune system. Her health improved in just a few days, but was still being forced to continue her work.

Years passed and Naisha stayed in touch with Paramjeet. So, when Naisha started an Adult Literacy Class nearby, Paramjeet accepted her invitation to join.

Before long, Paramjeet could read, write, and calculate numbers. She also attended a special training offered through the Literacy Class, in which she learned how to make and sell candles and soap for extra income.

Best of all, Paramjeet was hearing Bible stories in her class. When she heard about Jesus’ compassion toward an adulterous woman, she was surprised—He didn’t look down on her, but encouraged her to live differently. In the following weeks, Paramjeet received Christ as her Savior!

Ready to live a new life, she tried to give up prostitution. But sadly, Gopesh was not happy with her decision and tortured her so badly that she was unable to escape going back.

Paramjeet is now working to start her own business selling the products she learned to make in the class, hoping she can earn enough money to give up prostitution. She looks forward to the day when she can be free.

Please join us in prayer that God will transform Gopesh and provide a way out of prostitution for Paramjeet.