October 2017 India Intercessor

Dear praying friends,

Are you full of God? Maybe that seems like a strange question. Read the first four verses of Psalm 105. A person is full of God if he or she is thankful, prayerful, careful, joyful, and trustful. These are five characteristics of many of the new believers in India.

ThankfulPsalm 105:1a “Give praise to the Lord …”

If all you had today is what you gave thanks for yesterday, how much would you have? It seems that the more we have, the less thankful we become. The average new Indian believer has less in terms of material things than we do, yet seems to be much more thankful.

Prayerful—Psalm 105:1b “…proclaim his name …”

Villages throughout India are being transformed through witnessing prayer groups, which are formed by Indian believers who usually have very little training. Once people believe in Jesus, they become “full of prayer,” especially for neighbors.

CarefulPsalm 105:2b “…tell of all his wonderful acts.”

This means that you care enough about God that you tell others about Him. The believers in India care about their neighbors and are very eager to share the Good News about Jesus with them.

JoyfulPsalm 105:3b “… let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”

The joy that new believers have in Jesus is overwhelming, and every person who visits India in person is amazed by the happiness and joy that overflows from the new believers they meet.

TrustfulPsalm105:4 “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

The reason so many people in India experience great and wonderful miracles is because they trust that God can do things greater than anything they can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Since many are impoverished or weak, they are not tempted to trust in their own power.

As we join together in prayer this month, let’s remember these five characteristics of new Indian believers. Are they characteristics of our lives?

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts

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