November 2018 India Intercessor

Dear Praying Friends,

Have you ever considered how salvation in Christ is a glimpse of the freedom we will have in Heaven one day? We recently heard a pastor summarize life after death in three words: released, redeemed, and rejoicing. Those three words also explain the nature of thanksgiving.

Released: This is the ultimate reason for thanksgiving. We are being set free from worry and care. The things of this life are all passing away. Our failures and sins are gone, taken and paid for by Jesus. Through Jesus we are being released from bondage to sin and the devil. Jesus came to set the captives free, and this year, because of your giving and prayers, many lives have begun to be released in India!

Redeemed: We must be redeemed to begin the process of being released. Children and parents have been redeemed to live an entirely new kind of life in Christ. The Indian children and many parents are filled with thankfulness! In what ways has Christ both released and redeemed you?

Rejoicing: Do you rejoice that you are being released from sin and death and have been redeemed, and that you belong in body and soul to your faithful Savior, Jesus Christ? Is your life filled with rejoicing because you are redeemed? Is Christ’s sinless-ness now yours (Galatians 2:20)? What spiritual things in addition to the many physical things are you thankful for?

May this month be special month of real Thanksgiving for each of us here and for our loved ones in India.

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts

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