No Missionaries Allowed!

We don’t send missionaries.

You might say, “Wait — you’re Mission India. Why don’t you send missionaries?”

Well, instead of sending traditional Western missionaries, Mission India partners with India’s believers. Here are a few very important reasons why:

For starters, foreign missionary costs really add up! Flights, housing, and language training can be expensive. In contrast, India’s Christians are already in place and know the local languages.

Christians in India also don’t require cultural training — they already know the customs and can bring the Gospel into sensitive areas where a Western missionary could never set foot!

And, frankly, foreign missionaries are just not as effective in India as someone who is “a son of the soil” (as our friends in India would say) — a person who was born and raised in India.

I am in awe of how God works through Christians in India who are already in place and eager to spread the Good News of Jesus! With your support, Mission India equips them with the tools and in-depth training they need to share their faith and plant churches.

Our Children’s Bible Club and Adult Literacy partners use lessons that were intentionally designed and prepared — by Indians for Indians! And the same is true of Church Planter Training materials.

And every year, churches sprout up out of all three ministry programs! These vibrant, reproducing churches are the key to saturating India with the Gospel. (Third-party research confirms that churches established during these programs continue to multiply and plant daughter churches in the years that follow!)

I hope your heart is encouraged by what God is doing in India! Thank you for partnering with us in the great move of God taking place in India.