New in Children’s Bible Clubs

At Mission India, we do one thing in three ways: we transform communities in India by planting churches through Adult Literacy Classes, Church Planter Training, and Children’s Bible Clubs.

But did you know that, within our Children’s Bible Club program, there are two types of Bible Clubs?

Launched in 1990, 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs serve as entry points into communities. They run much like Vacation Bible Schools here in the U.S., held during schools’ summer breaks. All day for 10 days, boys and girls come together to be led by volunteers, who are given a full curriculum filled with songs, skits, dances, and Bible stories.

10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs are a wonderful way to bring the Good News of Jesus into communities that otherwise wouldn’t be receptive. Parents are happy that their children have a safe place to go for part of their summer break, and boys and girls are eager to join all of the fun activities.

Launched in the early 2000s, Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs are held each day after school and provide children with the opportunity to be discipled over a longer period of time. Many parents are eager to enroll their children because of the free tutoring offered, while children happily join because of the sports equipment available to play with.

Boys and girls are led to Jesus through fun activities, Bible stories, and a year’s worth of mentorship from a caring leader. Worshipping groups are often established as a result, allowing for continued spiritual growth even after the Year-Long Bible Club ends.

Whether children attend a 10-Day or Year-Long Bible Club, they memorize Scripture, learn how to pray, and are taught the importance of going to school. Praise God for reaching children in India through a variety of activities!

While 10-Day and Year-Long Bible Clubs have both been around for many years, we’ve recently begun to distinguish them from each other, rather than focusing on the “Children’s Bible Club” umbrella. See for yourself on our newly-released Children’s Bible Club web pages—now separated for our 10-Day and Year-Long programs!

So, why differentiate them now?

Great question. We are praising God that Year-Long Children’s Bible Club reporting is now available!

When you give a gift to fund a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club project*, you will now receive a midterm and final report on the specific project you’re supporting! You’ll see details like the number of children who are doing better in school, and you’ll be provided with the testimony of one of your Year-Long Bible Club leaders. Your support of Year-Long Bible Clubs is more personalized than ever!

Whether you support Children’s Bible Clubs financially or through prayer, we are so grateful for the part you play in trusting God to use these programs. Thank you!

Give a gift toward Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs here.

* One project is a group of five Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs, with all five leaders being mentored by one project facilitator.