Nanda: Family Finds Hope in Jesus’ Miracles

Nanda’s parents struggled to feed their four children in the state of Karnataka, even though they both worked hard. But, when Nanda’s uncle approached them asking for money during an emergency, they couldn’t say no. They borrowed the money he needed, adding to their financial burdens.

As an 11-year-old, Nanda was concerned about her family, and meanwhile, she herself was struggling in her studies.

Then, Nanda joined a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club that had started in her village and found much-needed hope. She was used to worshiping oxen and other gods, so Nanda felt like her world was turning upside down when she learned about Jesus. She loved the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, and began to expect Jesus’ miracles in her own life!

Nanda received Jesus as her Savior and continued attending her Bible Club enthusiastically. Her studies improved, too—she did so well on her exams in school that she received a scholarship!

Her transformation was so evident that her mother noticed the difference. Recognizing that it was all thanks to God’s mercy, Nanda’s mother received salvation, too! The family became happier, and even their financial burden was eased: although Nanda’s uncle wasn’t able to repay the money he had borrowed, the Lord blessed the family with new streams of income.

Now, the family asks for prayers that their entire village would experience the everlasting joy of Jesus by receiving salvation.