Naheed: How a Crack in Spiritual Darkness Let in the Light

From birth, it was determined Naheed would never go to school—educating a female was taboo in the community she lived in. Naheed’s only option was to work as a child laborer in an agricultural farm until she was given away by her parents in an arranged marriage when she turned 17.

Little did she know, Naheed’s future mother-in-law was harboring a dark secret—she was regularly practicing witchcraft in the home they were to live in. When Naheed became pregnant a few months into her marriage and refused to offer thanks to the evil spirits of witchcraft, her mother-in-law cursed her, telling her that her baby would die.

Within one week of being born, Naheed’s baby son did die.

Distraught over her son’s death and afraid to live in her mother-in-law’s house any longer, Naheed and her husband moved out. Alone and discouraged, Naheed’s mother-in-law did the unthinkable: She abandoned the practice of witchcraft.

In perfect timing, a neighbor invited Naheed’s mother-in-law to a nearby worshipping group. It was there she heard the Gospel for the first time and found herself in the most peaceful place she could ever imagine—in the healing presence of Jesus.

From that day forward, Naheed’s mother-in-law began praying regularly at the worshipping group for her son and daughter-in-law to return home and for God to bless them with another child.

Soon after her mother-in-law’s miraculous transformation through Christ, Naheed had a dream about her mother-in-law praying for her. She shared her dream with her husband the next morning, and they decided to meet with the same woman who had once driven them away with the evils of witchcraft.

When the couple entered the house, Naheed’s mother-in-law began sharing the Gospel with them right then and there, proclaiming Christ as the true and living God.

Through the witness of her mother-in-law inspired by the worshipping group, Naheed and her husband came to know Jesus. It wasn’t long before Naheed conceived again and gave birth to a baby girl. Though she could barely talk through her toddler years, Naheed and her mother-in-law’s fervent prayers brought about a miracle, enabling the young girl to speak and drawing the entire family even closer to Jesus.

Their blessings did not cease there. Naheed had a strong desire to be able to read the Bible, so she began to attend an Adult Literacy Class. Naheed’s wish came true. Within a few months, she learned how to read God’s Word on her own, to write, and to do basic math for the first time in her life. Naheed also participated in health training offered through her class, learning lifesaving nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation skills that can be passed down for generations.

Today, Naheed stands as a shining example to women in her community, many of whom she has encouraged to become active members of the worshipping group. The same glorious worshipping group where Naheed and her entire family have been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

We praise God for delivering Naheed’s mother-in-law from the spiritually dark evils of witchcraft and for using her to lead Naheed and her entire family into His light through His mercy, love, and Naheed’s new literacy skills.