Nagesh: A Brickmaker

The photo above shows Nagesh, his eldest daughter, and his two grandsons.

Nagesh was nine years old when he started working in the brick kiln alongside his parents. “Our eyes would hurt because of the dust,” he remembers. “Our hands burned and most of us suffered from heat strokes. We were also not allowed to play. All our time was spent working. It was hard and exhausting labor.”

The family was working to pay off a debt they owed the brick kiln owner, so Nagesh and his parents never took home any income from their work.

As the years rolled by, Nagesh married a girl from his own community, and they were blessed with four daughters and two sons. Nagesh’s wife and children all assisted him in making bricks, and they earned a meager income. Sadly, Nagesh’s wife died due to complications from smoke inhalation at the kiln.

Nagesh’s oldest daughter married a brick kiln worker, and she gave birth to two children who began to grow up in the brick kiln, just as their mother and grandfather had.

One day, years later, Nagesh joined an Adult Literacy Class. He learned to read, write, and do math—and also how to grow a garden. Nagesh planted mangoes, lemons, tomatoes, green chilies, and other vegetable plants around his house. What the family doesn’t eat, they sell, increasing their income.

Through his classes, Nagesh learned about the problem of child labor, and he immediately enrolled his two grandsons in a nearby school. He also encouraged other workers to send their children and grandchildren to school instead of forcing them to work in the kiln.

Through the Bible-based curriculum, Nagesh learned about Jesus and received Him as his Savior. Now Nagesh starts and ends each day with prayer. He attends a local worshipping group along with his grandchildren. Please pray for the salvation of his entire family!