Nadini: No Longer a “Burden”

“You are a burden. I wish you weren’t my daughter.”

Nadini grew up hearing these words from her father often, and it broke her heart every time. Her parents saw her as a temporary burden on the family who would eventually marry and move to her husband’s house.

As a little girl, she was made to cook, clean, and do household work. She did her best to please her parents, but they never said a kind word to her; instead, they beat her and yelled at her whenever she made a mistake. Nadini envied her brothers, who were pampered and doted on by her parents and had many freedoms.

One day, when Nadini was 22 years old, hope finally came when she answered a knock on the door and met Church Planter Lata. Lata shared the Gospel from God’s Word, stressing the importance of salvation in Jesus Christ by faith.

The second time Lata visited, Nadini’s eyes welled with tears as she listened.

By the third time Lata visited, Nadini had started praying to Jesus about her situation at home. Miraculously, her parents stopped scolding her and beating her. They even began to tell her how much they appreciated her hard work!

Nadini’s heart swelled with joy as she saw her family transforming and Jesus answering her prayers. She soon received Jesus as her Savior and was baptized.

Nadini shared the Good News of the Gospel with her family regularly. Her parents were angry at first, but now they believe Jesus is one among their many gods. Nadini asks that you join her in prayer for the salvation of her family and for her spiritual growth. She believes one day her whole family will renounce all other gods and will follow Jesus alone.