Multiplying Your Impact

Last year, Lake City Christian Reformed Church in Lake City, Michigan, started getting involved with Mission India.

Mical Pugh has served as the Senior Pastor at for about three years. He says, “When we sensed God was leading us to begin a mission project that was above and beyond what we were already doing, we began to ask where we saw God at work and who did we have relationships with? One of the members of our outreach team was connected with Mission India. When he described how many were responding to the Gospel—and the effectiveness of Mission India’s approach—we were interested.”

Mical shared that Lake City CRC has a long history with different outreach efforts in their community, and they are “always looking for more ways to serve and reach communities for Christ.”

And this church felt God calling them to do something amazing.

“We felt God was leading us to raise resources above and beyond our current budget for mission work,” says Mical.

“Since this was new and many people are on fixed budgets, we made “seed money” available to them. The response has been amazing! Children took seed money and walked dogs, made cookies, and painted fingernails; adults rototilled gardens or repaired lawn tractors or sold pies to raise money. At 3 months in of our 9 month project, almost half of our goal had already been raised!”

If you’d like to do something like this with your church, get in touch with Mission India about our “Multiplication Plan Project.”

The concept is simple. Using seed money provided by Mission India, you give each person in your church $10. Challenge them to pray about ways they can use their talents during the next 12 weeks to multiply that $10, just as Jesus describes in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25). At the end of the 12 weeks, have each church member return the original seed money and the additional funds raised through their “investment.” Share the many amazing ways God blessed their steps of faith so that they could bless people in India!