Monita: Hardworking Mom Finds Hope

Monita was just eight months old when her mother died after accidentally slipping and falling while visiting a waterfall. She later went to live with her aunt, who, although poor, loved Monita and treated her like her own daughter. Monita started working in the fields alongside her aunt when she was 10 years old.

When Monita turned 18, her father arranged her marriage to a local man. Monita was happy with her husband, and she gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Kaveri. Sadly, Kaveri fell ill and required expensive medical treatments. Monita found a job in a warehouse to help make ends meet, but she and her husband continued to struggle with growing debt.

At this time, Monita found out about Adult Literacy Classes and began to attend them. She was thrilled to learn to read, write, and do basic math, and she never missed a class. With her new skills, Monita was promoted at her job and was blessed with an increase in her salary.

During her classes, Monita also heard about Jesus for the first time. She began to pray to Jesus and saw Him work miracles in her life. Monita soon received Jesus as her personal Savior.

Monita shared about her faith in Christ with her husband, and he, too, decided to follow Jesus. They rejoice that God enabled them to pay off all their debt from their daughter’s medical treatments. Today, they are filled with abundant joy and peace in Christ. They are growing spiritually and teach their daughter about Jesus. As a family, they attend a worshipping group on Sundays.

Pray for Kaveri’s health as well as the salvation of Monita’s father and extended family.