Mission India Super Thrift: A Store on a Mission

When you step into the Mission India Super Thrift in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you’re warmly welcomed into a space that feels like a cozy living room. Beyond the high-quality couches, armchairs, and lamps are side rooms that make you feel as though you’re walking through a home full of possibilities.

Each staff member is a volunteer, giving their time for a passion that runs deep: earning income through the store that will ultimately transform lives in India.

Among the volunteers are store managers Rick and Vicki Sikkema. From seeking out high-quality used furniture for resale to creating boutique-style window displays, they’re determined to carry on the vision of an upscale thrift store—a vision cast by the faithful founders Duke and Barb Boogaard.

Mission India Super Thrift opened in 2010, and the store has continuously developed over the years in terms of store layout, local name recognition, and clientele. In fact, Vicki explains, “I don’t feel that we just have a mission in India—there is a mission in this neighborhood. We have some people from the street that come in, and this is their second home sometimes.”

Rick and Vicki share that they are greatly blessed by their work at the store. Rick explains, “It’s very fulfilling. I have seen things that are almost miraculous. We delivered a couch one time, and I said, ‘I’ve delivered 100 of these and there’s no way that couch is going through the door.’ And you know what? The couch went through the door! And I said, ‘You guys just witnessed a miracle!’”

The care shown within Mission India Super Thrift is a testament to the volunteers’ hearts for their work. An in-house washer and dryer are used for washing clothing donations before they’re put up for sale, and Vicki puts her interior design background to use for store décor, such as creating a newspaper dress for a decorative window display. Rick shares, “I think of the 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs and I think about how every dollar that comes in this door sends one child to a Bible Club. And I think that’s just amazing.” We couldn’t agree more!

Do you live in the West Michigan region? Your help is so appreciated! Volunteer to greet customers, do some heavy lifting, or put tech-savvy skills to work behind the scenes. To get involved, call Mission India Super Thrift at (616) 361-7411 and ask for Rick or Vicki.