Ministry to Muslims

The first time Salem ever touched a Bible, he angrily threw it on the ground.

As an imam (an Islamic priest), Salem shouted at the person who had handed him the Bible: “This book is not the truth. It is the lie of Satan. I will not read it.”

But later—Salem picked up the Bible.

Hiding it in his clothes, Salem snuck the Bible home and began to read it…behind a locked door. 

He was shocked by what he read. “This Bible says love your enemies, but my book says hate your enemies.” The contrast to the Qur’an was startling. But Salem couldn’t stop reading.

A month and a half passed.

And Salem went looking for the Christian believer who had offered him the book. Finally, he found him.

“You have caused me great problems,” said Salem. “Before I had the truth; now I don’t know if I have the truth.”

The Christian man invited Salem into his home. Salem was confused by this. “Why do these people show me hospitality when I hate these people?” he wondered.

A year and a half later…

…Salem confessed his sins to God and accepted Jesus as his Savior.

Today, he is a missionary to his people.  And his Bible is worn from constant use:

Just like the biblical story of Saul, the persecutor, becoming Paul, the evangelist…Salem was radically transformed!

You might be surprised to know that India – with over 173 million Muslims – is among the world’s three most Muslim populated countries! 

And that is why we are excited to share stories like Salem’s with you—because God is not only at work in the hearts of India’s Hindus…but Muslims, too!

The Muslim fasting month of Ramadan begins this Saturday, June 28.

Take a few minutes and pray today with us for the Islamic families who are being reached this year by our partners through Children’s Bible Clubs, Adult Literacy Classes, and Church Planters.

Pray that God will open more eyes and hearts to the truth…just like He did in Salem’s life.