Marcia DeJong

“I’ve worked with children all my life,” says 73-year-old Marcia DeJong.

And she loves children!

Before she retired, Marcia taught children in schools. Additionally, Marcia spent time with college students, helping train them to become future teachers. “I taught children in Sunday school, too, and at retreats all over the country,” she adds.

Marcia has two children of her own (and four grandchildren!).

And Marcia was looking for ways to impact boys and girls in other parts of the world. One day, Marcia read an article about Mission India.

Instantly, her heart was captured by Mission India’s Children’s Bible Club program. Marcia was thrilled to learn that she could touch the life of a child in India with just $1.

Smiling, she comments, “I know how eager children are to learn, and the songs and stories they are learning in the Children’s Bible Clubs are so precious. The boys and girls get excited, and they want to share the love of Jesus with their families!”

Marcia feels blessed to be a member of the Mission India Legacy Society. Why has she chosen to include Mission India in her estate plans?

Marcia loves the fact that Mission India partners with local Christian believers in India.

“Indigenous people are the most economical use of resources,” she says. “Mission India is very efficient with the funds … and it’s an exciting ministry!”

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