Manya: Mom Overcomes Obstacles for Children

Manya wanted to be a fully-capable mom for her three children. She wanted to take good care of them, provide for their needs, and help them to grow up to be healthy. But with no education, Manya struggled to do so.

In need of stable income, Manya’s husband left home and went to the city to find a job that would provide for the family. He was able to earn better wages this way, and he simply needed to get the money back to Manya.

As it turned out, this wasn’t an easy task. Manya had no bank account, which is common among illiterate adults in India, so she didn’t have a place for the money to be deposited. Instead, it would have to be sent directly to the bank, and she would have to go there in person and sign for the money. However, Manya didn’t know how to sign her name.

One obstacle after another prevented Manya from meeting her children’s needs. Beyond lacking skills in reading and writing, she also was unaware of best practices for health and hygiene that would keep her children well. The family didn’t shower regularly, didn’t wash their hands, and had no knowledge about nutrition.

As Manya considered her options, her neighbor told her about an Adult Literacy Class starting nearby. At first, Manya wondered how she could possibly learn at her age, but with her neighbor’s encouragement to change her family’s situation, Manya decided to enroll.

The positive atmosphere at the Literacy Class made it an enjoyable place to learn. Manya’s teacher, Oshma, worked with her patiently as she tried to write her first words. Manya’s hand shook as she held a piece of chalk, but the more she practiced, the easier it got. Soon, she could sign her own name.

Manya could eventually read, write, and recognize numbers. Within six months, she could even do simple math problems.

In addition, a special training was provided through the Literacy Class that taught Manya good health and hygiene practices. She put the training into practice at home, ensuring that her children received good nutrition and washed their hands before meals. This helped Manya to not only improve her family’s health, but also feel confident as a mother.

As Manya continued to learn, she eventually decided it was time to open a bank account. She went to a nearby bank, opened an account in her name, and could finally go to the ATM to withdraw money sent by her husband!

Full of joy, Manya shares, “I never thought that my desire of getting educated will come true, but it did happen in my life through [the] Adult Literacy [Class].”

Will you join us in prayer that Manya ultimately receives Jesus as her Savior?