Maneet: Starting a New Life

Maneet was enrolled in school later in his childhood, making him much taller and older as a nine-year-old in a class full of four-year-olds. He felt out of place and uncomfortable being a kindergartener at his age.

Yet somehow, the lessons weren’t getting through to him and, as a last straw, he was punished severely when he didn’t do his homework one day. Maneet made up his mind that he would never step into a school again.

Maneet’s parents would not allow him to quit his studies like this, so from then on, Maneet continued to wake up at 7:00 in the morning and get ready for school but never actually went there. He spent his days with friends and went home exactly when school let out, convincing his parents he was still attending.

This worked for a while—until Maneet’s dad went to the school one day to pick up his son’s report card. He was shocked to find out that Maneet hadn’t attended school in eight months! He angrily went home and beat his son. And that evening, Maneet ran away from home.

He started a new life in an unfamiliar place, working hard in the hot sun to feed himself. As time passed and he became an adult, Maneet felt ashamed when he had to use a thumbprint to sign for his paychecks since he didn’t know how to sign his name.

Meanwhile, Maneet befriended a fellow worker in the fields and the two became very close. Maneet saw his friend’s mom periodically, and he noticed that she often had books with her. As it turned out, she was a learner in the local Adult Literacy Class. Through his friend’s mom, Maneet enrolled in the class, too!

He gradually learned how to read, write, and do simple calculations. Finally, he could sign his own name instead of using a thumbprint and was surrounded by classmates who were learning later in life, just like him.

Along with the many new skills he was gaining, Maneet was given four goats through a government program to start a business. He was able to grow his business and now has around 30 goats! Through his Adult Literacy Class, Maneet learned how to save money from the profits he earned by selling the goats.

Maneet’s life has improved significantly. He’s now married and has a daughter! However, he has yet to receive Jesus as his Savior. Will you pray for Maneet’s salvation and for his business to flourish?