Manaar: Trusting Jesus for Husband’s Healing

Manaar wondered if she could ever gain literacy skills like her children were developing in school. She’d never been to school herself, and at 38 years old, she was unable to even sign her own name. She knew she was missing out, but who would provide her with an education as an adult?

One day while she was in the market buying groceries, Manaar struggled to count the change returned to her by a vendor—and an Adult Literacy teacher happened to see this take place. He invited her to the Adult Literacy Class he taught, assuring Manaar that he could help her.

With full support from her husband and children, Manaar enrolled. She was delighted to find out that the class taught much more than just the alphabet and numbers; She loved learning how to read, write, and do basic math, all while forming new friendships with the other students. Manaar found herself growing personally and socially.

What really caught Manaar’s attention, though, was prayer. During the class, Manaar’s teacher prayed to Jesus, and he explained that we have life by His grace. It was the first time Manaar had heard about the Lord. She’d only worshipped her family’s deities before, and she did so more out of tradition than out of feeling personally compelled.

But here in the Adult Literacy Class, prayers to Jesus seemed meaningful. Manaar was inspired to pray to Him, too.

Life was improving all-around until Manaar’s husband suddenly noticed boils on his thigh. Such terrible pain developed that he couldn’t walk properly. He visited hospitals for months, but nothing could cure him. He became unable to work, all while the family was spending a great deal of money on treatment.

During this time, Manaar was supported emotionally and spiritually by the other students in her Adult Literacy Class. She was strengthened through prayer, and she decided she wanted her husband to experience this, too. She brought him to her Adult Literacy Class, where her teacher and fellow students prayed for his healing.

A few days later – after months of suffering – the boils began to heal! Manaar and her husband knew this was happening through prayer. Her faith in God grew, and she became more active in worship and prayer. Manaar has given up worshipping her family’s deities, but she wants to learn more about Jesus before receiving Him as Savior.

Will you join us in prayer for Manaar’s salvation?