Madina: Unwanted by Family, Seen by God

When Madina was 20 years old, she was not willing to get married—but her parents forced her.

Her new husband, Bhuvan, was an alcoholic who spent the money earned at his hardware store to fund his addiction. If Madina tried asking him to change his habits, Bhuvan yelled at her.

Madina felt isolated as, during these events, her in-laws were also taunting her for being childless. After five years of marriage and no pregnancies, Bhuvan didn’t want her anymore. Madina thought her life was meaningless.

But one day, Church Planter Yalda visited their home and introduced herself to Madina. The two women began a conversation that eventually led Madina to share about her in-laws’ rejection of her for being childless. Her eyes welled up with tears as she poured out her story, and Yalda compassionately listened.

Yalda went on to share her testimony with Madina, explaining her faith in Christ. Madina – who passionately worshipped many gods and goddesses – was curious to hear more, and the women began to meet regularly. Yalda assured Madina that Jesus would listen to her prayers, and Madina began praying to Him for Bhuvan’s transformation.

Within a few weeks of her first prayer to Jesus, Madina’s husband stopped drinking. Along with this sudden change, he began to treat Madina kindly. She couldn’t believe her eyes!

Madina recalled a verse that Yalda had shared a few weeks back: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). God had not only given her rest; He had given her overflowing peace of mind.

After this miracle took place, Madina received Jesus as her Savior and began to proclaim His miracles to her family. When she shared the Gospel with them, an even greater miracle took place: The entire family received Jesus as their Savior!

Filled with gratitude, Madina invited Yalda to start a prayer group in her home, where believers and non-believers alike come to listen to the Word of God.

Madina has faith that the Lord, who transformed her husband and in-laws, will one day bless her with children. Will you pray that God provides Madina and Bhuvan with a baby?