Lujain: A Mom Seeking Financial Stability

Lujain’s illiterate parents didn’t understand the value of education. Instead of sending her to school when she was a child, they brought Lujain to help them in the field where they worked. It seemed that their family was stuck in a generational cycle of illiteracy, which lent to poverty and challenges with everyday life.

When Lujain was 19 years old, her parents married her off to a man who was also illiterate. He earned minimal income, unable to find a well-paying job. This became especially difficult once the couple had two sons. With no knowledge of how to manage money, they didn’t have any savings for emergencies.

In the midst of these struggles, Lujain had several bad habits that added to her family’s lack of peace, such as using vulgar language to scold her husband and children. She also worshipped pagan gods. Despite her rituals, her gods were doing nothing to help her family.

Oftentimes, Lujain imagined what her life could have been like if she had been educated. She earned a small income through daily wage jobs, but she wanted to do more.

Then, one afternoon, there was a knock at Lujain’s door. It was Coman, a man who had just started an Adult Literacy Class in the neighborhood. At his invitation, she eagerly enrolled in the class.

Lujain was overjoyed to learn! With Coman’s support, she soon was able to read and write simple sentences and do basic math.

In a special training offered through the class, Lujain learned how to make handmade products which she could sell for extra income. She also learned how to save money, and with her new skills, she decided to start a small business. Lujain began to sell handmade soaps in the market, which helped her family become financially stable!

Throughout the Adult Literacy Class, Lujain and the other learners were introduced to Scripture. Coman encouraged Lujain through the Word of God and prayed for her. When he shared the Gospel, Lujain received Jesus as her Savior.

She no longer uses vulgar language, and her family can see that she is living a transformed life. Lujain shares, “The Adult Literacy Class not only made me an educated woman, but it also brought a new hope into my family.”

Will you join Lujain in prayer for her husband’s salvation and her sons’ success in their studies?