Lona: Comforted in Grief

Lona and her husband were blessed with three beautiful daughters, but it was hard to take care of them financially. With Lona’s husband earning minimal income, they struggled to make ends meet.

The family’s financial situation became a crisis when one of Lona’s daughters became seriously ill. She was taken to hospitals for treatment, but no one could figure out what was wrong. Lona and her husband started to borrow money to find a cure, but it was no use—their daughter passed away.

Left in heavy debt and grieving their loss, the family had no peace. During their time of sorrow, Lona’s husband became sick, too. He was unable to work, so Lona had to shoulder the responsibilities of the family and earn income.

She was starting to pay off their debt, but trouble returned. Lona’s second daughter eloped with a man of another caste, and when the couple returned to their village, Lona and her husband were unsupportive. People ridiculed and mocked them, and unable to handle the shame, Lona’s daughter ended her own life.

Lona and her husband, who was still extremely sick, were inconsolable. And, rather than caring for the family in their desperate time of need, Lona’s relatives stopped talking to them, believing they were cursed by their gods.

Lona longed for someone to talk to. Then, one evening when she was doing her chores, Church Planter Madri stopped by to visit. She had heard about Lona from another villager, and decided to introduce herself.

When Madri shared about the love of Christ and told her that He is the Prince of Peace, Lona was amazed. After Madri prayed for the family, Lona felt peace in her family and was curious to learn more about Jesus. She invited Madri to visit regularly and started to trust Jesus. Eventually, Lona received Jesus as her Savior.

Lona began to pray for her sick husband’s healing, and God answered her prayers! He was completely healed and started working again. With two incomes, they were able to pay off their debt.

Lona’s husband has since passed away, but a few days before he died, he received Jesus as his Savior.

Despite losing so much, Lona places her faith in Jesus and has been able to find peace in Christ during her grief.