Living Free Together Compassion Project

See the little girl? The girl in the gorgeous white dress and no shoes. A jagged cut on her ankle from low-hanging barbed wire. She's a woman-in-the-making. She's been told that her fate is living in a rag-picking slum, and because she's a girl she's "less than." Until someone sponsored a literacy class through Mission India.

This funded a class of 30, a teacher, and all materials for a year. I sat with them in that makeshift tent as the class began. Joy. Pure joy!

This girl-child tucked in her grandma's arms, taking in every word. Not just learning to read, but hearing for the first time that she is loved by God. She is not stuck. She is valued.


This is faith. This is hope. This is Mission India.

The goal of our 2018 LFT COMPASSION project is to sponsor a class (or several) just like this one. Your donation of any amount makes a difference!

$40 sponsors one woman and all the materials for one year. You receive a tax deductible donation, but you also change the life of a woman (and the child sitting in her lap).

Will you join us in this project?

A gift of $40 will sponsor a student in an Adult Literacy Class for a full year. A gift of $1,200 will train a teacher and sponsor a whole class of 30 students!
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Literacy Classes meet immediate needs and create lasting independence. With an introduction to Jesus, graduates are on the path to a brighter future.