Literacy & The Princess Bride

Have you ever seen the classic movie, The Princess Bride?

In it, the hero, Westley, rescues a character named Buttercup from many dangers—including giant rodents, a kidnapping, flames that shoot up from the ground, a murderous fiancé, and “lightning sand” (a form of quicksand).

The scene with the lightning sand sticks out in my memory.

As she is walking, Buttercup is suddenly swallowed whole by a patch of dry, quick-sinking sand. With nothing to grab onto, she has no way out.

If you’re an illiterate person in India, you’re sucked into the sinking sandpit of poverty … and all the risks that come with it: lack of food, being cheated, working in backbreaking manual labor, inadequate shelter, disease, threadbare clothing, and no knowledge of your basic rights. And there seems to be no way out.

Do you remember how Buttercup is rescued from the lightning sand pit in the movie?

Westley grabs a secured rope … and leaps down into the sand with her!

When you start Adult Literacy Classes in a community, you “leap down into the sand pit” with illiterate, needy men and women in India. The classes meet them exactly where they are at: in their neighborhood, in their language, and in the evening (so they can still work during the day).

And the strong rope you bring? Literacy.

A simple 5th grade education opens doors to new job opportunities, knowledge, increased income, and money management skills. And graduates achieve that in just one year.

Even better—the literacy lessons are Bible-based. So, during their education, every student is introduced to Jesus Christ.

Are you a fan of The Princess Bride? Just for fun, post your favorite quote below!


Source Photo: The Princess Bride (1987)