Laysa: Comfort in Christ

Laysa and her husband were determined to give their children a better life. They worked hard as agricultural laborers to send their son and daughter to school, and after saving their pennies, they were able to purchase a small piece of land to work themselves.

The family was able to manage their struggles until Laysa’s husband became sick and died of AIDS. Laysa was shattered. And, in the midst of coping with the loss of her husband, her relatives offered no support. She was left to provide for her family alone for two years.

Then, an Adult Literacy Class started near Laysa, and she joined. Her teacher noticed how sad she was and visited Laysa’s home to find out what was wrong. After Laysa explained her situation, her teacher shared the Gospel and encouraged her to be courageous.

Laysa was comforted by his words. She began to pray to Jesus to comfort and bless her, and started to attend a worshipping group each Sunday. She grew in the love and knowledge of Christ and received Him as her Savior!

Laysa began to bring her children to the worshipping group, but sadly, she faced opposition from her relatives and neighbors for her new faith in Jesus. Her Hindu relatives stopped allowing her to attend family occasions like weddings, and her neighbors stopped talking to her, not even allowing her children to play with theirs. However, Laysa’s faith grew immensely strong.

Despite the rejection she faces for following the Lord, Laysa shares, “No one comforted me when my husband died, but Jesus comforted me and filled me with His peace.” Laysa now requests prayer for her relatives and neighbors to receive Jesus and have their lives changed like hers was.