Lavi: Leading Her Mom Back to Christ

Lavi’s dad was livid! He had ordered Lavi not to attend the local Children’s Bible Club, and yet she had gone anyway. He wanted her to understand: she was to stay away from Christians and worship her family’s gods.

Lavi’s mother, Deenah, had grown up in a Christian home, but when she got married, she had been forced to stop going to church. Instead, Lavi’s dad brought the family to Hindu temples and made them follow all of the rituals he thought necessary to please his gods and goddesses.

He had told his daughter she couldn’t attend the Children’s Bible Club to begin with, but her mom allowed her to go — she just insisted the secret be kept from Lavi’s dad.

After hearing so much about the Bible Club from her friends, Lavi loved attending. There were fun activities and the action songs her friends had been telling her about! But somehow, Lavi’s dad discovered the secret. He beat her and told her not to go back.

But Lavi couldn’t stop herself from going to the Bible Club. She loved it too much. She had decided to follow Jesus — and nothing could turn her back.

Continuing to attend in secret, she began to learn important lessons from her Bible Club leader, Shifa. She learned the importance of respecting her parents and living a disciplined life.

When he noticed her behavior improving at home, Lavi’s dad (amazingly!) stopped raising opposition to his daughter attending the Bible Club.

Since she was able to continue attending, Lavi grew spiritually through lessons about following Jesus. Her Bible Club leader, Shifa, taught the children how to pray and depend on Christ and also helped them memorize Scripture. Lavi loved hearing stories from the Bible, and as she learned more about God’s power, she started praying to Him for her dad’s transformation.

Meanwhile, Deenah watched and listened to her daughter as she shared what she learned each day. She realized she had made a mistake by leaving her Christian faith when she got married. Now, through the witness of her own daughter, Deenah found new hope.

Today, Lavi is praying for her family. Will you join her in praying that they will embrace His salvation?