Lalana: A Teenager’s Faith

Lalana was afraid of her father, Murad; he had a short temper and often beat her mother. So, Lalana did her best to stay out of his way.

Unfortunately, Murad’s manners weren’t any better with the customers who visited his small grocery stand in the marketplace; anyone who came didn’t want to come back. Even the other grocers didn’t like Murad because of his temper.

One day, Murad got into a heated argument with someone at the market. Murad beat the man up and was arrested by police. After Murad was released from jail a week later, the police warned him that he wasn’t allowed to continue his grocery business there anymore. Murad fell into a deep depression … and one day, he left. Though his family searched for him, he was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Lalana was invited by a friend to come and listen to a Church Planter speak. Lalana was touched as she learned about the merciful and sacrificial love of Jesus. The next day, Lalana received Jesus as her Savior. She began to pray to Jesus about her family. Lalana wrote out her prayers in letters and kept them in her room.

Miraculously, Lalana’s father returned home. Then, the family got a call from the police station that Murad was now free to continue his grocery business in the marketplace. Murad was amazed by this turn of events!

One day, Murad was searching for an important document in the house when he saw Lalana’s Bible and prayer letters. Murad opened and read all of the letters. He realized that it was because of God that his life had taken a turn for the better. When Lalana returned home from school, she found her father crying and reading the Bible. She told her dad about her faith in Jesus and how her prayers were answered.

Lalana’s mother wasn’t happy about her daughter’s faith, however, and she punished Lalana. Lalana went to stay with her grandparents, but even they say she’s not allowed to read the Bible or pray. Despite this, Lalana secretly prays to Jesus and reads the Bible. When she can, she calls her dad on the phone and encourages him to believe in the Lord Jesus.

Lalana believes that Jesus will again answer her prayers. She asks that you join her in prayer for her spiritual growth as well as for the salvation of her parents, grandparents, and younger brother.