Kids Braving “Winter” in India

The first flurries of snow fell near our office in Michigan this weekend. And it stuck!

And as my mind often does, it drifted to thinking about India—and how most kids growing up there don’t experience snow. And yet, some of them have experienced tremendous “winter” in their lives … times where things are bleak and horribly dark.

Sushila’s dad came home drunk most nights. He kicked and hit Sushila’s mom. 14-year-old Sushila fell into deep depression. She couldn’t concentrate at school, and her grades plummeted.

12-year-old Tamil was only paid $5.50 for working 50 hours a week in a brickyard. His parents and three brothers made bricks, too, for tiny wages. Tamil had no hope for a better future.

Lata’s dad died years ago. Then, her mom fell sick and needed surgery they couldn’t afford. Lata was terrified. If her mom died, how would Lata care for her five siblings?


But praise God that this is not where the story ends!

At a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club, Sushila learned about Jesus and received Him as her Savior. With the free tutoring at the Club, Sushila’s grades quickly improved. And when Sushila told her parents about Christ, they received Jesus that very night! Sushila’s dad gave up alcohol. As a family, they pray together and attend church. Their home is filled with the peace of Christ.Sushila

Tamil enjoyed playing games and singing at his Children’s Bible Club. Touched by the Bible stories, Tamil received Jesus as his Savior. And with his Club leader’s encouragement, Tamil enrolled in school. Tamil dreams of becoming a teacher someday; he continues to work in the brickyard before and after school to help his family make ends meet.


Lata told her Children’s Bible Club leader about what happened. He visited Lata’s home regularly, praying for healing for Lata’s mom and for financial provision. A few weeks later, a relative volunteered to pay the fees for the operation. Lata’s mom went through the surgery and recovered well. Lata received Jesus as her Savior … and led her mom to faith in Christ, too!


Thank you, Lord, for bringing Sushila, Tamil, and Lata through terrible “winters” in their lives … and for giving them hope for a better future!

Source Image: Deviant Art