Ken & June Holtvluwer

June Holtvluwer’s face lights up when she talks about 64 years of marriage to her beloved Ken. She carries his legacy with her every day since Ken passed away on Christmas Eve, 2010.

“I miss Ken. He was a very quick-witted person,” June remembers. “Even when he was terribly sick and in the emergency room, he would have the doctors laughing. He never lost his sense of humor.”

For 25 years, Ken and June operated a furniture store together in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. It wasn’t always easy.

“We went through two fires, two tornadoes, and our roof collapsed at the business … we had a lot of trials in our life, but the Lord has kept us through it all,” says June.

Together, Ken and June welcomed four children, eight grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren into the world!

Their personal friendship with Mission India Founder John DeVries and his wife, Atts, inspired them to give to reach India. Having raised four kids of their own, children were of special interest to Ken and June.

June says that it is “just amazing” to see how the impact of Children’s Bible Clubs in India has grown each year. She adds, “The children come to accept the Lord. Then, they take that home to their parents, and the parents are so often saved through the children. Usually, parents are the leaders … but in India it’s the children!”

Smiling, June comments, “My husband wasn’t happy unless he was giving to Mission India. There are many Christian causes that my husband gave to all the time, but Mission India was always his favorite. It was uppermost in his mind … how much he could give away. Ken said, ‘The more I make, the more I can give away.’ That was his motto.”

As a member of the Legacy Society, it means a lot to June that India will continue to be reached through their estate plans.

“So many lives have been changed through Mission India, and I want to continue to help bring the saving love of Jesus to these precious people,” June says.

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