Kathleen Pasma

Kathleen Pasma believes in the power of prayer.

She’s seen God work miracles firsthand. For 30 years, Kathleen worked in critical care as a nurse in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. She also visited patients as a home care nurse for 13 years. Now that she’s retired, Kathleen spends time writing notes to prisoners … and praying for them.

Kathleen saw a need in her church for people to gather together to make an impact by praying. So, she started a prayer ministry at her church. Every week, the congregation prays for two Mission India church planters they sponsor.

And Kathleen prays in a special way for India.

Guided by Mission India’s monthly prayer newsletter, the India Intercessor, Kathleen prays for India’s people every day.

But what Kathleen gets most excited about is how knowing God can make a visible change in people’s lives.

“Seeing those Indian children who go to the Bible Clubs – how their eyes are different than the ones who are not believers. It’s inspiring.”

Why does she love Mission India so much? “You get more bang for your buck,” states Kathleen. “More people are reached!”

It means a lot to Kathleen to know that she will continue to reach India through her participation in the John DeVries Legacy Society. She says, “That’s part of our commission … going into all the world and preaching the Gospel.”

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