Karjun: A Boy Growing Up in Odisha, India

I’d like to introduce you to Karjun.

But first, let me tell you a little about where he lives. Odisha (formerly known as Orissa), India has experienced an alarming rise in persecution against Christians in recent years. In 2008, extremists sparked months of anti-Christian violence in this state.

Despite opposition, our partners continue to reach out to families here with the Good News of Jesus.

Recently, one of our partners in Odisha sent us this story and photo from a Children’s Bible Club. Almost half of boys and girls drop out by secondary school in India. Karjun was part of that statistic. Two years ago, he quit school.

He wandered around during the day, picking fights with other kids. Soon, Karjun didn’t have a single friend.

Karjun’s parents worried about him. They knew he was lonely. So, when they heard about a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club, they enrolled Karjun. Karjun loved the games, songs, and especially the stories. Karjun’s Club leader tutored him and encouraged him to return to school. And eventually, Karjun did! He learned good study habits from his Club leader, and he’s doing great in school.

At home, Karjun retold the Bible stories he heard. He sang the songs from the Club, too. His Club leader taught him important values like telling the truth and respecting others. Karjun put these lessons into practice. Now, he gets along well with others and has many friends!

Praise God that Karjun and his parents also received Jesus as their Savior! They pray, read the Bible, and are growing in their faith as they attend the local church.

Pray for Karjun as he continues his education. Also pray for Karjun and his family as they live out their faith in an area where there is much opposition to the Gospel message. Thank you!