Kanza: Financial Independence

Kanza desired to go to school, but wasn’t even allowed to work outside of her house growing up, just because she was a girl. Married off at the age of 16, Kanza was looked down on by her husband for her illiteracy. He was stingy with the money he gave Kanza to care for the household, embarrassed her by asking her to account for the little money she spent, and all the while spent half of his income on liquor. He also humiliated Kanza by beating her in front of their children.

Then, Kanza met an Adult Literacy Class teacher and was overjoyed to hear of the opportunity to learn. Her husband allowed her to attend the class, and she quickly became an outstanding student. The other students encouraged her to be bold and courageous, and her confidence grew as she learned to read and write.

Through special training, Kanza also learned to make homemade candles and detergent, and opened a small shop in her house for profit. She can now handle finances independently!

In addition to her devout Muslim prayers offered five times each day, Kanza began to pray to Jesus as she had learned from her teacher. She began to understand Scripture and loves Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

While she has not yet renounced her Muslim faith, Kanza recognizes how Jesus has changed her gloomy past to happiness.

Kanza also began sending her children to a Children’s Bible Club, where they are growing in their love and knowledge of Christ.

Please pray for the family’s continued transformation!