Kaivalya: Family Deliverance

Kaivalya and Sahar lived happily together with their two children, until Sahar developed a drinking addition. He began to beat Kaivalya and spent much of his income on alcohol.

In an attempt to sustain her family, Kaivalya, who was uneducated, found a job in a nearby field, but Sahar beat her when she wouldn’t give him the money she earned.

Kaivalya was in such turmoil that she planned to end her life. Thankfully, her neighbors stopped her.

Then, one day on the way to work, Kaivalya, a committed Hindu, heard an Adult Literacy Class teacher sharing the Gospel with another worker. She listened in, and the teacher invited her to an Adult Literacy Class.

After convincing Sahar to let her attend, Kaivalya went. Over time, she learned to read, write, and do math—all while learning Bible stories.

As Kaivalya began to trust Jesus and pray, she noticed a change in her husband’s behavior. Kaivalya’s faith increased and she received Jesus as her Savior!

Meanwhile, she learned to make products to sell for income. As she grew, she shared the Gospel with her family. Eventually, Sahar stopped drinking and the whole family received Jesus!