July 2019 India Intercessor

Dear praying friends,

It is July, the month in which we celebrate our freedom. Have you ever asked what freedom is? There are many kinds of freedom. Freedom is mentioned in Isaiah 61:1. Luke records Jesus quoting the passage (Luke 4:18-19); He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners. We celebrate freedom this month because of the Fourth of July, our national birthday. There is another kind of freedom in addition to political and national freedom.

Jesus came to give spiritual freedom which is the greatest of all freedoms. We have been set free for all ETERNITY! This is what Jesus came for! He came to set spiritual prisoners free; free from eternal death!

Picture in your mind how a prisoner on death row feels when told their death sentence is commuted and they are free! It is hard to imagine the joy and peace that the new believers in India feel. Fear is gone! Peace and joy fill their lives! Is anything more wonderful or beautiful than the freedom Jesus gives? It is spiritual freedom; freedom from an eternal death penalty!

What we are praying for, as India Intercessors, is the FREEDOM Christ came to give us; a freedom from demonic control and its eternal death sentence, which we all deserve. The experience of this freedom is hard to describe but includes peace, joy, and a new understanding of life’s meaning and purpose.

Let us pray earnestly this month for the spread of spiritual freedom through all the states of India and of course in our own nation also!

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts