July 2018 India Intercessor

Dear Praying Friends,

In Exodus 25:1-9 we find the command from God to build the tabernacle, the symbol of God’s dwelling place among the Israelites. God is the architect who makes the design and picks the colors. We are the builders. In a similar way, God is the architect designing the plan of how India is to come to Him, and we are assigned the task of joining Him in this work. The main work is to be prayer, followed by giving, training, accountability, and reporting.

The colors of cloth used in the building of the tabernacle can symbolize, too, what is happening in India. The four dominant colors mentioned in verse four are blue, purple, scarlet, and white.

Blue stands for hope and a wonderful, sunny future with blue skies.

Purple is the color of royalty—dominance over the satanic power which causes so much darkness. Jesus is King and Lord!

Scarlet is the color of blood, which Jesus shed on Calvary, and is the sacrifice that cleanses from sin.

The white linen represents those who are cleansed by God and stand before Him in perfection.

Mission India is part of bringing this hope to the people of India—represented by all of these brilliant colors. Praise God for each person who is going to receive Christ this year in India. As each of you prays, we are confident that your prayers are being answered. Hallelujah!

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts

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