Jevitha: Achieving Her Dream

If you met Jevitha, you would be struck by her unwavering strength, grit, and determination. These traits helped her achieve her lifelong dream: becoming an entrepreneur.

Jevitha was married off when she was just 14 years old. She quickly became a mother to four boys, and she did her best to stretch her husband’s small earnings as a laborer to meet the family’s needs. Unfortunately, because she’d never been to school, Jevitha couldn’t count, and many vendors took advantage of her ignorance. Even though Jevitha suspected they were cheating her, she couldn’t prove it.

Jevitha desperately longed for an education.

Jevitha’s children were grown and married by the time she had the opportunity to attend an Adult Literacy Class. Jevitha was excited—but her husband and neighbors made fun of her passion for learning given her age. They did their best to discourage her from attending the classes. With her usual grit and determination, though, Jevitha stood firm in her decision, and worked hard week after week learning her lessons. She was proud to hold her certificate of completion at the end of one year of classes.

Jevitha also participated in a special training through her class where she learned the skills to start her own business making soap and detergent. Today, her business is thriving!

Over time, the Bible stories that Jevitha heard in her classes touched her heart. She received Jesus as her Savior and now attends a local worshipping group.

Jevitha’s sons and daughters-in-law are against her decision to follow Christ, but Jevitha is standing firm and regularly prays for their transformation. Will you join Jevitha in prayer that her children and grandchildren will understand God’s goodness and His plan of salvation?