Listen To A South Indian Hymn

How is Jesus your comfort today? Listen to Justin, one of our ministry partners, sing a hymn about God’s comfort amid the storms of life, sung in the southern India Tamil language.



Here are the lyrics and English translation:

Jesus is My Only Comfort

Tamil hymn

Original Tamil:

Verse 1:
Kadal Hennum Valzhvil
Kalangum Hen Padagil
Sukkaan Pediththu
Nadathtum Yen Dhevan
Kadalinai Kanditha
Kather neeralavoh
Kadavaadha Ellaii Hen valzhvil Tharum

Hen Yesu Raja Sharonin Roja
Hum Kirubai thantalea pothum …. Aha … Aha
Aalaimothum Valzhvil
Allaiyamal Sella
Hum kirubai munsella Arulum

Verse 2:
Athir Kaadru Veesa
Athirpoorum pesa
Ennodirupaver Periyar Neerea
Yesuve Yaatraiel
Karai Serkkum Dheven
Yen Jeeva Padagil Nanguram Neerea

Verse 3:
Pelayudda malaieah
Pukalleedam Neereah
Puyal Veesum Valzhvil
Paadhu kadharulum
Paarinil Kaarirul sedhangal Aanukaamal
Paramane Yen mun Dhibamai Vaarum


English Translation:

Verse 1:
My life is like the ocean
And when my boat is troubled
My God, who controls and guides me
The Lord, who rebukes the seas
Brings me to an endless shore

My Jesus, you are my King and Rose of Sharon Your grace is sufficient for me
As my boat is disturbed by waves
Lead me calmly
Let your grace go ahead of me

Verse 2:
As the heavy winds blow
And my opponents speak ill of me
You are the Great God, ever present with me Lead me to the seashore
You are the strong anchor in my life

Verse 3:
As a mountain breaks the clouds
You are my refuge
Save my life from the storm
Protect me from disaster
Lord, light the path before me