Jesh: Only Jesus Saves

Jesh was raised in a family that considered themselves Christians by name, but also participated in Hindu activities. Jesh didn’t know much about Jesus and followed his parents’ lead in offering prayers to idols and attending Hindu festivals. In addition, Jesh found himself making friends with Hindu children, including many who were bad influences.

However, sometimes the family went to the local Christian church, too. Jesh loved to play the guitar and keyboard and joined the church worship leaders in playing during services, but he was only there for the music. He never paid attention to the pastor’s messages and hadn’t been transformed by the Gospel.

While Jesh was living in spiritual darkness and involving himself in two different faiths, a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club was starting in his village. He was invited to join and play his instruments there, and he gladly attended. The action songs and Bible stories shared inspired him to join a local Year-Long Children’s Bible Club, which began soon after the 10-Day Bible Club ended.

At the Year-Long Bible Club, Jesh was encouraged to live a Christ-centered life by the Bible Club leader, Nishav. By hearing more Bible stories, Jesh began to put his trust in Jesus alone!

The more Jesh attended the Year-Long Bible Club, the more he developed in his Christian faith. He memorized many Bible verses and recited them over and over again. Through Nishav, Jesh began to understand the importance of following Jesus, learning that He is the only way to Heaven. Jesh stopped worshipping idols, and one day at the Bible Club, he received Jesus as his Savior!

Now, Jesh lives a transformed life. He gave up bad habits he had formed growing up and now plays his instruments both in the local Christian church and at his Year-Long Children’s Bible Club.

Will you join Jesh in prayer for his parents’ salvation?