Jashan: Healing after Parents’ Separation

Durga endured a lot of verbal abuse after she married her husband. He was an alcoholic, and it wasn’t unusual for him to come home drunk and hurl insults at her. However, one night, he brutally beat Durga and dragged her out into the streets.

Durga wasn’t about to endure another horrific night like that. The 40-year-old separated from her husband and went to live with her sister.

The worst part was seeing how this affected her six-year-old son, Jashan. “I can still recall the sight of my boy sobbing, and still not believing that we would no longer live together,” Durga says. As the days passed, Durga grew increasingly worried about her son. Jashan wasn’t interested in doing anything. He didn’t like to go to school, do his homework, or even play. He spent all his time quiet and alone.

When Durga met a Children’s Bible Club leader and learned about all the Bible Club could offer her son, she decided to enroll him. Jashan enjoyed the songs with motions and the interesting stories from the Bible, and excitedly repeated them to Durga each night when he got home.

Before long, Jashan started making friends at the Bible Club. He started going to school regularly again, too. Durga is happy to see her son smiling again.

Let’s pray together for the salvation of Durga and Jashan today. Pray, too, for the transformation and salvation of Durga’s estranged husband, and for the reconciliation of the family.