Jansi: A Second Chance at Education

Jansi was one of the top students in her class. She was smart, got good grades, and loved to learn.

Sadly, Jansi’s parents overlooked her passion. When her dad became affected by tuberculosis and became bedridden, Jensi’s mom had to spend all of her income on his treatment and medications. To supplement the family’s income, Jensi’s mom pulled all four of her daughters out of school—but kept their younger brother in school.

Not only did Jensi’s mom see more value in educating her son than her daughters; she was actually glad to see Jensi and her sisters making money instead of going to school. She gave no thought to the fact that they were missing out on their future potential.

Jansi was greatly disappointed, but she was helpless. She was often stuck cleaning, cooking, and taking care of her little brother. She felt like she was missing out on fulfilling her dreams—but her passion for education never went away.

Taking care of her brother turned out to be a blessing. Since he was still in school, Jansi spent time helping him with his homework. She loved studying with him. When her parents noticed this, they suddenly regretted taking her out of school. But with their financial struggles and medical needs, it didn’t seem like there was another option.

The moment they heard about a local Year-Long Children’s Bible Club which offered free tutoring, Jansi’s parents enrolled her. They knew this was an opportunity to give their daughter another chance at education.

Jansi was thrilled! She quickly became comfortable in the Bible Club. During game time, she enjoyed jumping rope and playing badminton with her new friends. Throughout the activities, Jansi’s Bible Club leader encouraged and motivated her. She came home with undeniable joy on her face.

After a few months of the Year-Long Bible Club, Jansi’s parents realized the mistake they had made by pulling her out of school. With encouragement from Jansi’s Bible Club leader, her parents re-enrolled her in school!

In addition to receiving academic support and playing fun games at the Bible Club, Jansi and the other children were introduced to Jesus through Christ-centered action songs and Bible stories.

Though Jansi’s family called themselves Christians, they followed the Hindu customs that surrounded them. They didn’t have a relationship with Jesus or understand what it meant to follow Him.

Jansi was captivated by the Bible stories she heard and was amazed by what her Bible Club leader shared about Jesus. She began praying to Him for her dad, asking Jesus to heal Him from tuberculosis. Miraculously, he began to recover!

Soon after, the Word of God convicted Jansi and she received Jesus as her Savior. Her parents began to seek the Lord too, and now they attend a worshipping group.

Jansi now dreams of becoming a teacher one day. Will you pray for her future and for her parents’ salvation?